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Top Custom Residential Remodeling in Venice

Here at Venice Renovations I provide construction solutions to help your dream home become a reality. Based in Venice, I work with a range of clients who are interested in bespoke builds for their homes. From delivering blueprints and sourcing materials to providing solutions and ideals for your complex demands, I understand that everything needs to be just right when building the home that’s perfect for you. Call me today on +19412759896 to find out more about my services and how I can work together.

Experienced Builders

Developing custom home building projects requires very experienced builders and construction experts. My builders are qualified and can provide proven testimonies of creating custom builds and solutions. Rest assured, I refuse to cut corners when it comes to My builds, no matter the intricacies or bespoke features you require. Hire me today and you'll be working with professionals who can construct your dream home exactly to your specification.

Disability Access

I understand that many people who are looking for custom homes aren’t necessarily looking for extreme luxury or innovation, but are often just some adaptations or constructions to make their lives easier. I provide construction services catered to providing disability access and solutions to your home from creating ramps and lifts, to lowering fixtures and fittings for wheelchair access. My services strive to improve the quality of your life and bestow you with the independence that you deserve in your own home.


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